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Our Mission:

This site dedicated to publish informations on Indian past and present society, covering different features ,generally not published by the others ,for the knowledge of the world.

Our Promise:

India is famous for its unique knowledge and wishdom.There are many aspects of it is till unknown by the rest of the world.Our endeavor will be to bring forward those aspects before the world for the greater interest of human.

Also we will be bringing the present situations of indian society,which are potential but over looked ,regularly.

What's New?
We want to introduce Indian rural Art craft and it's artisans before the world to help and promote this poor section of indian society as 'our social work'.

Hand made WRAPPER

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A cute Indian Lady

Cane made kitchen ware:

Cane made kitchen Ware:

Swami vivekananda
vivekananda.gif for more features

On Rural Art & Art Craft of India(Click)

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